[sex] FMM? MFF?

I recently read a post where a girl said that she’d maybe like to try a threesome situation with two other men involved.

To me, that makes plenty of (common) sense, especially if she’s a straight woman who’s mostly interested in men.

… and apparently, it makes sense to me and to her, and ONLY to me and her.

Comments on her entry were mostly from men (not surprisingly)… who were espousing all sorts of wisdom on how MFF is somehow so much better and more preferred and how she should consider MFF instead.

I really can’t understand some people and their reasoning sometimes. In this case, it is the lack thereof of said reasoning which boggles my mind mightily.

She’s a woman. Who DID say she might consider a threesome involving another girl, BUT was focusing on the possibility of a FMM threesome with two men.

She’s currently interested in MEN! NOT another woman!

How bloody obvious or unobvious is that?!

It’s pretty damned obvious to me, and posting about how MFF is somehow better or trying to scare her from trying FMM by espousing BS about male competition is just plain RUDE especially if the person who’s posting is a MAN.

Really, what the hell is up with men who get all uppity and defensive and scared shitless about the mention of FMM threesomes and then drool like besotted idiots over MFFs?

If men are going to go ga-ga over girl-on-girl-on-boy action, then they should zip their lips when someone – especially a woman – mentions boy-on-boy-on-girl action.

After all, IT’S ONLY FAIR.

That, and it makes men look like the absolute epitomes of hypocrital idiots when they go on and on about how fucking great MFF threesomes are and then wonder why the hell a woman might be interested in a FMM threesome.

Straight men == love women

Straight women == love men

HOW does it NOT make sense that a straight woman might want to be the center of attention between two men and NOT with another woman?

If men want two women, then it’s perfectly reasonable to say a woman might want two men.

At least… it’s perfectly reasonable to ME.

And now that I’m thinking about it…

The most idiotic and inconsiderate thing a man can assume about a straight woman is that she’d somehow looooove to be involved in a threesome with another woman. The idiocy and inconsideration also applies if the situation is flipped around.

If SHE/HE asks her/his partner about such an arrangement because SHE/HE wants it, then GREAT. If her/his partner is asking her/him with the mindset that somehow, she/he will very readily agree, then he/she needs a serious wake-up call.

If the relationship is truly about equal sharing and caring, then here’s the rule for asking such favors of one’s partner:

Always be prepared to say yes to the same situation REVERSED, otherwise, think twice about asking and don’t get defensive if the reversed gets asked of you.

In other words, don’t be like my very lovable, but VERY DENSE significant other who one day asked me if I’d participate in a threesome and then got all butt-hurt and defensive when I asked if he/she would do the same in reverse.

His/her answer, was, as expected, a resounding NO.

Uhhhh huh. Good stuff there.

And on a related note, nothing peeves me more to hear of a man asking a woman if she’d participate in a threesome with another woman or try some new sexual thing she’s uncomfortable with… AND act as if she should be perfectly okay with it (well, hell, porn stars seem to love it, right?)… AND then get all angry and defensive when she asks for a reverse favor (participate in a threesome with another man or have him try anal sex first) in return.

What. The. Fuck?!

THAT, is the epitome of ‘geki dasa’.

Totally and completely uncool.